What To Keep Handy In Kitchen For Regular Cooking?

What To Keep Handy In Kitchen For Regular Cooking?

If one has a knack for Indian cooking then there are a few ingredients that one has to keep around them always in the kitchen.

One can collect them from Shalimar Indian grocery and stock them up so that they can use them whenever they need. But before doing that grocery one has to make a list of the things that are absolutely necessary. If one is in a dilemma at what to buy and what not to buy, here are a few things that can help one to make that list.


This is a very essential spice when it comes to Indian cooking. Cloves can be used alone in cooking or can be used as a part of the blend of spices (known as garam masala) which is very much used in Indian cooking. One can always flavour a dish with the help of frying cloves in ghee or in the oil of choice. There are many who also add cloves to their rice dish mainly in Pulao.

Red split lentils

There are varieties of lentils that one can use to make daals. This one is a basic variety and the best one for the beginners of cooking. This variety can be easily cooked with chopped onions, curry leaves, garlic, cumin, turmeric, salt and water. It is easy to cook and tastes delicious.

Black sesame seeds

They can be used in any Indian dish depending on what recipe they are going for. One can also make naans by using them.


Though it is a lesser known spice it is very healthy and can be added to dishes to make it taste better. One can add them into curries and most importantly to Indian chicken recipes. One can also soak them overnight and drink the water to get good digestion system.

Coriander seeds

They are also very essentials. One can add them in soups and in other Indian dishes. In fact, coriander seeds can be used to make chicken curries. One can also use ground coriander in other dishes.


If one wants their Indian dishes to be a bit tangy (some of the dishes actually demand it to be then tamarind is an ingredient which is one supposed to have in their kitchen. If one is not very sure about the raw tamarind, one can also keep tamarind sauce at handy.


This is a very expensive ingredient to be used in Indian cooking and that is why; one cannot use it in abundance. But yes, one can add them in some rich dishes like Biryani. One can also crush a few saffron strings and add them to their Pulao dish for some colour and flavour.

Palm Jaggery or Palm Sugar

It is a sort of refined sugar and this one is made from natural nutrients and so it is very healthy. One can add them to their chutneys

Apart from regular spices and mixes one can always keep these things handy from their grocerystore Cambridge.

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