Indian Kitchen Essentials that you must hoard

Indian Kitchen Essentials that you must hoard

With the availability of Indian grocery online, you can get anything with just a few taps and clicks on your keyboard. The variety of things available in these stores is as diverse as the culture itself which can feel a little overwhelming for someone who is new to the culture. So, we have come up with a list of few kitchen essentials that are a must have if you want to dish out delectable Indian dishes or dishes that have a touch of Indian flavors in them.

  1. Atta

If you know anything about India then you probably know that Indians love their flatbread and they use a healthy variety of flour which is churned out of grinding wheat. Whether you want to start making the basic chapatti and parantha or try the more complex breads like naan, you need to keep this flour handy in your kitchen.

  1. Basmati

Indians love their rice as much as they love their breads. Rice is perfect to pair with the spicy curries and gravies as the subtle sweetness of the staple mellows down the spiciness of the dish it is paired with. One of the varieties of rice that sit lofty on quality and flavor is the long grained basmati rice which is famed for its incredible fragrance. Basmati is used in intricate rice dishes such as biryani and pulao but can also be enjoyed just by simply boiling it until cooked to fluffy, pristine perfection.

  1. Desi Ghee

Packed with flavor, this variety of clarified butter hailing from the lands of India is the most sought after medium to cook special dishes in Indian households. Besides holding an important position in the Indian kitchen cupboards, ghee is also of supreme importance in auspicious Hindu rituals. The presence of naturally occurring saturated fats in ghee makes it a healthier alternative to butter.

  1. Turmeric

The vibrant color of curries in Indian delis that catches your eye comes from the generous use of this spice in the cuisine. Turmeric is a storehouse of bioactive compounds one of which happens to be curcumin which is responsible for imparting the golden yellow color to the root. The potent antimicrobial properties of turmeric make it a great cure for infections such as cold and flu or acne on your face.  Other than its extensive use in the Indian kitchens, it is also a beauty secret in India that is being passed down from generations now. It not only clears out your complexion but also adds radiance and brightness o your skin.

  1. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil packs a punchy flavor and is used extensively in Indian cuisine. What makes this oil a staple in every Indian household is not just its incredible flavor but also the plethora of health benefits it comes with. The oil is packed with MUFA which makes it great oil for heart health. Its anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties help to keep infections at bay. It is loaded with vitamin E which is great for skin and hair get a few packs of this magical oil from a good Indian grocery store online .

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