Grocery Pickup and Delivery at Your Doorstep

Grocery Pickup and Delivery at Your Doorstep

Every home needs grocery for survival & to fulfil the needs of the family. Groceries are to be bought from a specific store. This also includes customer’s service, pharmacy, redemption, etc. It is an evergreen store which doesn’tfall down seasonally because everyone needs grocery everyday of the whole year.




Groceries stores are divided into 3 categories:-

Small – this includesconvenience stores who sold everyday items like a snack, candy, soft drink, toiletries & newspaper; delicatessen who sold some specially prepared food, a greengrocer who sold fruit & vegetables, health food store who sold organic food, milk bar who sold milk, butter, ghee,etc.

Large – large groceries stores includes supermarket, hyper market, etc.


Origin of word


The word grocery is divided is derived from gross which are sold by a dealer. The word grocer is used for that dealer who acts as a middle man. He sold the large quantities of gross at a retailed discount price. And later on the 15th century, goods sold by the grocer are referred to as grocery.

From where you buy your groceries, every store provides delivery. Grocery delivery varies from store to store. Some stores don’t provide delivery ever. You have to carry your groceries on your own. While some stores provide delivery but they may or may not charge you for delivery depending upon each store.

But now a day, everything is getting digital. Same is with groceries.

Yes! Groceries, online!!

Even buying groceries online gives you some additional benefits. Buying groceries online saves your time and money both but how??


Buying groceries online


Online stores offer time to time sale or discount on their products. They also announce flash sale and a heavy offers & discounts which saves your money.

Buying in bulk, it makes to carry it much easier for a delivery boy. And also they don’t charge extra on a bulk order of grocery delivery. This also saves your money because after buying in bulk they offer discount and coupons for further shopping on a heavy discount.

Buying online also saves your parking cost which you have to pay to park in offline shopping. This also reduces traffic on road, also saves money costing for petrol or diesel and the major concern, pollution.

Buying groceries also saves your time. You can browse and buy any time with comfort at your home. You need not stand in a long line, waiting for hours to pay for it. And the money you are saving, you can go to a party from this. Also, you can afford a small trip because you save a lot while shopping online.

Now, if you want to replace or return something, then online stores offer grocery pickup & delivery. You just have to ask them that you want to return it or this product is not correct or good, they send someone to pick it up from your doorstep and your money also transferred back to your account. You need not to travel anywhere.


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