For a smooth Indian grocery delivery in the USA

For a smooth Indian grocery delivery in the USA

About the grocery chain

Shalimar Indian Grocery is a chain of Indian grocery stores that is based in Cambridge of USA and is specialized in the offline as well as online grocery delivery of Indian and other regional groceries for the international community residing in the USA. Having a very fast growing model with the trust of a number of US-residing Indians, one can find different varieties of items, vegetables, fruits and other edibles on both the physical stores as well as the online website, thus adding more to the overall convenience of the buyers. This article discusses further on the same.

The features

The following are the stark features of Shalimar Indian Grocery chain that has given it this high brand name in the foreign land: -

  • Perfect and well-categorization of all of the items starting from lentils, pulses, fruits, and vegetables to different types of packaged foods in both the offline stores as well as an online website for easy searching by the customers
  • A sleek online interface where the items can be easily navigated and added to the cart for more convenience of the buyers
  • Super easy and super quickness in terms of the online order and delivery of the items to the places to order groceries online and hence abide by the delivery dates for the clients
  • The dynamic search bar in the online portal where the AI can detect the frequently searched items by the user easily and thus aid in better search optimization for the user
  • Maintaining association with the local farmers to collect and sell fresh fruits and vegetables in the offline stores
  • Collects the fresh fruits and vegetables only from the nearby and accessible farms such that the customers can access only the freshest of the items
  • Offers different types of seasonal and other discounts to enhance the affordability by the consumer base of USA

The reasons for choosing

The following are some of the primary reasons for which any non-native of USA should choose Shalimar for buying of the online grocery: -

  • Free delivery on all of the orders made within the operational region
  • A good number of deals on cash back that can be obtained after the online ordering of the requisite items
  • Online support for 24/7 hours on the website for catering to any of the issues faced by the customers
  • On time delivery of the items with very rare chances of any kind of delay in the same

How to open an account?

At the website of Shalimar Indian Grocery, it is quite easy to open and operate the account and it involves the following steps: -

  • Filling up of the basic details asked in the online form, including the username and password of the user
  • Confirmation of the account from the registered email id of the user
  • Beginning of the search of the items via the search bar in the website
  • Adding the requisite items into the cart and proceeding the same for payment
  • Completing the payment via any of the convenient online payment methods and receiving the confirmation for the same

Thus, this chain of the grocery store is indeed very helpful for procurement of high quality and affordable grocery items in the USA.

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